2009 Church Mission Trip – Day 1

We just completed our first day with the University Church of Christ family mission trip. This is a great way to involve families that would like to do mission work, but cannot travel too far from home. Our congregation, located in Montgomery, Alabama traveled to a small town two hours north of Montgomery called Hollins, Alabama. Hollins is located just outside of Sylacauga, Alabama. Here families will be involved in door-knocking and invited the surrounding area to attend a four-day Gospel Meeting and Vacation Bible School. The University church will use materials from our recently held VBS to put on an abbreviated version for the kids of the area.

Our first day consisted of travel to our hotel in Sylacauga, then to the Hollins Church of Christ to unload the U-Haul, then straight to work. We door-knocked for over two-hours, dividing into teams.

I led the group of my son, Cole, who is 9, and his new friend, Braxton, who is around the same age. I was particularly impressed with how Cole and Braxton got into it by asking if they could speak to the people we met and invited them to our event.

We rehearsed it as we approached each house and they became experts at it.

If only we, as Christians, could just go up to an unknown door and be as innocent as Cole and Braxton, who thought their efforts were nothing more than a game. If they only knew.

I am reminded of the story in the Bible from Luke 18 when the children approached Jesus and were stopped by the Apostles. Jesus rebuked them saying that we all must be like children if we want to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

This Bible truth came alive for me today. God bless the innocent spirit of little children.

Day 1 Video

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