2009 Church Mission Trip – Day 5

When an event you have dedicated so much of your time to is half way through, you begin to feel that sense of peace. The stress of making sure every detail is considered starts to fade as the sheer enjoyment of watching it happen unfolds before you. This is VBS.

We have completed the second day of VBS for the Hollins Church of Christ and the fifth day of our family mission trip. Today, we laughed.

We made time, thanks to the wonderful planning of our fearless leaders, to have a little fun and laugh.

The kids got a great thrill when a big yellow fire truck appeared in the church parking lot to cool them off with a good spraying. The only person who had more fun than the kids was Dean Itson, the biggest kid of them all. It was great!

The guys, as guys often do, had much fun as we cleared a tree from Jack Zorn’s house. There is nothing more enjoyable than the genuine fun had by a big group of
Christian guys and power tools. But please, don’t let Todd Oliver near any of them. Just kidding Todd.

The ladies prepared cards for the nursing homes and, as I understand, many of the worlds problems are solved when a gathering of ladies get together to focus on a project. Why they don’t let the rest of us in how that is done I will never. Regardless, they had a outstanding time together.

As I reflect on the day, my mind instantly thought of Proverbs 17:22, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Everywhere I looked I saw merry hearts. These are tremendous times to be a part of a family of God who takes this verse to heart.

I just can’t wait for tomorrow!

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