Adobe Max – Day One

Oct. 1 The Trip

After traveling to Troy, Ala. Last night to watch my son’s team, the Prattville Christian Academy Panthers, take on the Pike Liberal Academy Patriots, I was tired. Our team lost, but Michael, a Sophomore, felt good about his effort.

Michael has always been an athlete. He gives it his all…especially when he is mad. Although he didn’t get to run the ball as a fullback, he did get to tackle the opponents “star player.” I think that was the highlight for him. I am so proud of Michael. I just hope the world will be ready for him when he turns 16 in November.

After the long trip back to PCA, we dropped Michael off at the school where he would spend the night with a friend. As we reached the house after 11:30 p.m. I was dragging. Karen, my wonderful wife, had already been getting my clothes ready so packing was not an ordeal. After my usual tuck-in time with Cole, my youngest son, my head hit my pillow at midnight. Four and a half hours later, it was time for the big trip.

Karen dutifully woke up with me to help get me out the door so she could go back to bed and enjoy a leisure Saturday sleep-in. What was supposed to be a quick wake-up and goodbye kiss with Cole turned into the toughest part of the trip, thus far.

Cole is a emotional. He loves deeply and gives his whole heart to those closest to him. And, because I do not travel a lot, goodbyes hit him pretty hard. Through some tears, I reassured him of my love for him and that he would need to be helpful while I was gone. His tight hug stayed with me. He stayed right next to me until I finally left. Karen offered him my side of the bed. That, and my pretend objections, always puts a smile on his face. Cole would be fine.

Arriving to the airport, check-in, boarding, all seemed to go smoothly. Now let’s talk about Dallas.

At the conclusion of many flights the stewardess will kindly read a list of adjoining flight departure gates. This is a big help – if you understand the format being read. The stewardess on American Airlines flight 2818 chose to read the gate number and then the destination. I listened in the exact opposite order.

I landed in DFW (Dallas, Forth Worth Airport) to gate B-17. I understood that I should go to gate A-8. The flight would leave in 15 minutes. After riding the SkyLink tram for four stops, I had just enough time to make it to gate A-8, leaving for Chicago! But I needed to get to Los Angeles which would be leaving from gate B-7 in one minute. Hurrying back to the tram, I knew it would be close. Made it…to the gate. No plane. Missed my flight. Great.

The emotionless attendant pointed me to the next flight to LAX leaving now in gate A-6. Hurry, tram, gate. Made it…to the plain. My inflight entertainment was a Latino couple in front of me who were obviously trying to prove the theory that as long as they continuously made out during the flight, they would remain completely invisible. Theory busted. Three and a half hours later I touched down in LAX. The weather was 71 degrees with a light breeze. Did they plan this?

I saw my first star in the terminal . . . I think. He looked like Jason Mraz! Several photographers were all around him and his posse, but I couldn’t be sure. It’s funny; you put on a fedora, have someone photograph you in public and you, too, can be a star.

Finally made it to the hotel, got my plan of attack for the conference, ironed all my clothes, walked around downtown and got a slice of a 36″ pizza. Awesome!

Looking forward to tomorrow. Taking on the MAX!

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