Ukraine: Day Four Report

Bittersweet day in Lasets, this was our last day to visit a local school and spend time with children from several grades.

The children are so smart and respectful. It was a pleasure to see some familiar faces from previous days and meet some new ones.

I’d have to say our favorite class was the second grade. My team of Karen, Simba and myself always gravitate to the younger kids. In our class, we told them about life in America, sang songs (Simba ever coming closer to his goal of all Ukrainian children knowing the chorus to “500 miles”), made many animal noises (they would say the name of the animal and we would help make the sound) and all the kids gave me five (my favorite game with the kids at Dalraida).

The final night of VBS and an adult program grew in numbers as well. There were 24 younger kids, 20 teenagers and six adults. Tonight’s story was about Naaman.

After Simba did a great job telling the story about Naaman and relating his obedience to how we must be immersed in order to be healed from sin, we played two games.

The first involved dividing the group into teams and having them race to a table where they would have to dip in the river Jordan seven times. There was a special-needs child there who could not participate so we made him the Captain and every time the kids finished dipping in the river, they would have to give Captain Alex a high five. He loved it and every child participated. The other game was Q&A. I would ask questions from Simba’s story and, if they got it right, I would toss them a piece of gum. It was great fun as they scrambled for the flying candy.

We made some real friends and, hopefully, some lasting impressions. May God bless this work and allow these seeds we have planted to grow.

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