Ukraine: Day Five Report

Today, we changed direction. Our group visited several sites in the city of Uhornyky that have received benevolent aide from Dalraida.

Our first stop was the site of the new church building. We were so impressed with the progress of the construction and Ivan, the minister of the congregation, was a proud tour guide. They still need over $100,000 to finish the project and we are counting on generous Christians to contribute to this most worthy cause. 

Next, we went to an emergency childcare facility. When children are in immediate need of short-term care, they are sent here. Because of the facility being quarantined, we were not able to take a tour, but they were so grateful for what we had brought, including fresh peanuts from Alabama!

For a change of pace, we ate at a lovely Italian restaurant. The pizza was “duzhe dobre” (very good).

Then it was on to a medical training facility where training supplies and equipment had been donated. The administrators of the facility were so grateful for what we had donated. We may never know how many Ukrainians will benefit from our small efforts.

Our final stop on the tour was a newly remodeled clinic. The mayor of Ugorniky met us and gave us a personal tour of the building. The donations raised were so very needed to make this clinic a beacon of hope for the community. Across the street, we visited the Uhornyky museum where we learned of the vast history of the ancient city. From a very young America, it was hard to grasp a city that was over 900 years old. That’s right, OVER 900 YEARS OLD!

The pinnacle of the day was a group dinner at Churchill with members of the local congregation, our interpreters and us. We sampled several local dishes (spiced baked potato wedges were my personal favorite) and John K “the younger” handed out gifts to our interpreters and thanked the local congregation for their efforts to make our stay pleasant. Valody, am interpreter from our team, presented us with a wood-etches map so that we would always know how to get make to Starry-Lasets.

Many hugs followed and a promise that we would continue to work for this admirable group of Christians to grow the Lord’s kingdom in Starry-Lasets, in Ukraine and throughout the world.

With just a little time left in the day, several of us ventured into the city square to enjoy our favorite new drink, chocolate tea, at the Lviv Chocolate Factory restaurant.

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