Ukraine: Day Five Report

Today, we changed direction. Our group visited several sites in the city of Uhornyky that have received benevolent aide from Dalraida. Our first stop was the site of the new church building. We were so impressed with the progress of the construction and Ivan, the minister of the congregation, was a proud tour guide. They... Continue Reading →

Ukraine: Day Four Report

Bittersweet day in Lasets, this was our last day to visit a local school and spend time with children from several grades. The children are so smart and respectful. It was a pleasure to see some familiar faces from previous days and meet some new ones. I’d have to say our favorite class was the... Continue Reading →

Ukraine: Day Three Report

Another day of visits to the schools of Frankivsk. We had so much fun telling the class about American culture. Karen and I attempted Ukrainian phrases much to the delight of the class. Ukrainian with a dose of Southern. Simba and I continued to teach every class the chorus to the song “500 miles.” Simba... Continue Reading →

Ukraine: Day Two Report

Today, the real work began. After another wonderful 8 AM breakfast at Churchill, a restaurant named for the great British Prime Minister, we separated into our assigned groups. Our group, consisting of Andrew “Simba” Gifford, Scott, Ainsley and Alex Lockwood, Chris Mulkey, Karen and myself, was accompanied by our interpreters; Natalie, Volodymry and his wife,... Continue Reading →

Ukraine: Day One Report

After 24+ of travel to reach our destination, we arrived in Ivano-Frankest. Our first day was filled with meeting many wonderful people and adjusting to living eight hours ahead in time. With a little taste of home (sort of). Our breakfast was in a downstairs restaurant called Churchill. Then, it was off to church. The... Continue Reading →

20 Reasons People Don’t Like You

David Shannon, president of Freed-Hardeman University, spoke during the Dalraida church of Christ summer series and posed the following questions with scripture to answer them. 1. Are you a loner? Proverbs 18:1 — Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment. 2. Are you a bad listener? Proverbs 18:13... Continue Reading →

Home On The Range In Fleahop

This is going back a ways, but here are two of my favorite shots of registered longhorns captured in the small, Elmore County, Alabama, community of Fleahop. Nancy Dunn's passion for these gentle giants was evident as we could easily approach them.

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